Kate Karpel

Welcome to my digital space! I offer musings about nature accompanied with deep introspection. I like creating art and writing about what that work means to me as an artist. I began posting on Facebook awhile ago. My posts were commented on, liked, and shared a lot on that platform. I have also dabbled in Instagram to share my process as well. I then took a three year social media hiatus to work on some personal endeavors. Having come back, it seems a website that serves as a hub for my art and writing where my people can find me has been begging to formulate since. I am currently working on a memoir and seeking representation from an agent. I hope you enjoy browsing around my site. Thank you for stopping by. If you have questions, you can reach me via Instagram @Kate.Karpel, friend me on Facebook, or subscribe to my email list where I will only send one email a month to share some freebies, give updates on my book launch, and stay connected to you about the happenings.