Orange Tangled Fish

Orange Tangled Fish

Im supposed to be
after all
I am libra
but the scales
uneven like 
The rights 
Of all my wrongs
Opposites of me
All of my friends 
but somehow
 when I think 
I think vortex
a force of suction pulling you in 
to the roots of where this sanction was rooted
and ive been fighting my whole life to be uprooted from 
This route
 I keep finding
But im rooting for myself 
And women.
Mostly of whom 
as threatening. 
but do not worry 
i'm no probable trouble
you can have him
Take them all
I reel myself up through
black sheets
and make certain im 
Thrown back out at sea
 by morning.
Wind and water 
are the only 
that can uproot a tree. 
That is why I moved 
I'm a woman, yes
I have needs, yes
but once its over
 just throw me back at sea.
 I know this lifestyle 
is ugly
but I cannot breathe 
with a hook in my mouth
I breathe best 
under water
even if the salt stings 
my wounds
Or if I sink
From being under 
Too long
Take your fishing pull elsewhere
I only bite when i'm hungry
its not that im shallow
its just that if you go
 too deep
im afraid of what 
might unravel
I think i'm detached
 but in tune
after all
i'm the catch of the day
your dinner at night
and your mourn 
in the morning.


This poem was written in 2013. I remembered the title but didn't remember what it was about. I illustrated it recently based on my memory of the poem's title. I have been writing my memoir and was remembering living with my sister a few years before we got cancer. I used to write poems and illustrate them. Sometimes, I would give them to my sister, Margie to sell in her Etsy Shop which unfortunately died with her. I never saved all of the poems or the illustrations but it was something I enjoyed doing. Having a digital space that can be a hub for my endeavors is something I am excited about. I thought I would begin with this poem since its' illustration is already listed in the shop.

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Very well written and enjoyed!!!

Joann Fisher

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