I had no Idea...

I had no Idea...

Here, I was planning to do a total reset and start a juice fast. The reason I took this picture was because I wanted a before picture of the beginning of my cleanse. Margie had told me about the lump in her breast but we didn't know we had breast cancer at this point in time. Little did I know here, the reset called for complete destruction of everything I thought was true, everything I knew, and everything I thought I was. You may see a healthy, young woman here. But I was already quite literally destroyed inside. It just hadn't quite taken form in the concrete world yet. But it was about to unravel here. And my silent flaw almost destroyed me. My book, Symptoms of Courage, is under way and waiting for representation to go into publication. Subscribe to my email list for updates.

This photo was taken a couple of days after I found a lump in my breast (December 2015). I was going through hell. When my book comes out, you can read all about what led up to this point. And worse; the heartbreak that followed. If you make it to the end of this particular story, there are silver linings giving way to lessons and transformation.

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I am so glad you are blogging again! You are one of my favorite writers.


Wow, can’t wait for your book!

Laurie Mandeville

Can’t wait!

Kristin Gilooly

Cannot wait!


I am very much looking forward to your book!


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