Happy Birthday Marge

Happy Birthday Marge

She would have been 43 on June 29th. We usually plan something or get together with family, but this year I got the girls some ice cream and talked about Aunt Margie while we were in the car. They don't really understand heaven or death, but I try to talk about it with them in the most honest way possible.

My mom spent the day at the cottage and we had normal kid activities planned. Evelyn had a birthday party while Claire and Josh stayed home for Claires big nap. This year I was torn on what to do to honor her. I miss her so much. The grind of motherhood, working, graduation time, and trying to commit to the writing life makes it easy for these dates to sneak up on you. So this year to honor her, I am going to share 43 of my favorite things about Margie. 

1. She was wise. If you were lucky enough to talk to her, she always had an interesting perspective on things. She was the first person I called when I needed to talk through something. I miss our conversations.

2. She didn't judge people. She knew everyone had a right to their journey and wanted everyone to have freedom to do that.

3. She was a master at setting boundaries. In fact, to make it into her inner circle was nearly impossible. Everyone had a right to their journey but she was on hers and she stayed true to that in every way.

4. She felt deeply. She was very sensitive and this is partly why she struggled to be out in the world. She preferred being at home.

5. The other side to this was that she was also a travel lark. She traveled all over the America's, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Her thirst for learning trumped her introversion and somehow she would create a home by staying true to her own rhythms and found a way to protect that while she was out in the world.

6. She was beautiful. Visually speaking, she had gorgeous skin and a classic look to her. 

7. Gifts were her love language and she gave them freely and all the time. 

8. She was always trying to better herself. 

9. She was strong. When morals were in question, watch out. She was a force to be reckoned with. 

10. She handmade pretty much everything. She was very creative and crafty.

11. She was intelligent. She was one of the smartest people I knew.

12. She looked out for her people. If you were her people, you were extremely lucky.

13. She was serious but could laugh at herself and joke around.

14. She valued people for the best parts of them.

15. She challenged people in ways that no one else would challenge them. But it was to grow you, not to judge you.

16. She stood strong in her faith. 

17. She was kind to animals. She loved her dogs and animals so much.

18. She appreciated Mother Nature and would go out of her way to care for her.

19. She researched things thoroughly to make sure her understanding of things was three-dimensional. 

20. She strived to live a Godly life.

21. She was often misunderstood.

22. She would literally knit all day long and loved fiber arts. 

23. She was faithful to people when others didn't understand them.

24. She was always seeking a wholesome way of living.

25. She was strong. 

26. She died with dignity and was beautiful until the very end.

27. She had a lot of courage throughout her life.

28. She did not care at all about fashion, what was in, or any of that. She sought things that were not tangible. 

29. She marched to the beat of her own music.

30. She was able to let material things go easily to nurture more spiritual endeavors.

31. She was a faithful wife.

32. She was a very unique older sister. I feel very lucky to be her little sis.

33. If we were not sisters, we always said we would still be friends. I loved that.

34. She will always be someone I look forward to seeing in death.

35. She took care of herself thoroughly. She ate healthy and wholesome foods, took care of her skin, dressed conservatively, and was gentle on her body when working out. Everything she did was thoughtful.

36. She was crunchy before it was cook to be crunchy.

37. She always introduced me to good music.

38. She could decorate any space and make it look inviting and welcoming. Even when she had very little to do so.

39. She saw me the way I wanted to be seen.

40. She was very savvy on the internet and cyber space. She taught me how to have a blog and got me on the computer space. I probably would still not be in the cyber space had she not sparked my interest in it. And since then, it has been a great outlet for some of my own endeavors. Thanks Marge!

41. I will never eat a Reese's cup without thinking about her.

42. She was thoughtful in everything she did. I wish my kids got to know her. 

43. She will always have a special influence on my life in whatever I do. 

Thank you Margie Karpel Mills. And Happy 43rd Birthday.

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